About us

We are normal (well ok, not so normal) people that have a dream to see the world and live life as it was meant to be. We both have successful careers in the healthcare industry, even in this terrible economy. We want to break free of the current cycle of trading time for dollars and dollars for more and more things we don’t need. So, we have decided to forego the fruits of our economic success and “retire” well before we are 30 and set out to see what is over the Horizon.

Sometime in 2010 I came across the concept of live aboard sailing… and after talking with Michele about it for a while, we’ve decided to take the plunge. While some people encourage nearly wanton haste like “sell everything, buy a boat, cast of the lines” we are slightly (only slightly, mind you) more pragmatic. Our son is two and a half  and we aren’t comfortable having a toddler on a cruiser. We don’t judge people who do, its just not for us. We plan to wait until he is around 4 years old and by that time have enough investments to be able to purchase a boat and sail to wherever Horizon (the name of our future boat, explanation to come later) might take us.

I am an IT manager of a medium sized organization. I attended one of the top computer science universities in the world, dropped out early because I hate(d) school and became a network engineer when I was 20. It has been 3 years since and I have been the IT Director of a small hospital and now of a medium sized medical practice. I am not saying all of this to try to impress anyone… I am saying this because I believe some people get obsessed with climbing a ladder somewhere and don’t stop to look around and just enjoy what they have. Time travels in one direction and we have a finite supply. My wife Michele and I are fortunate enough to understand this at our ages and we plan to take advantage of this wisdom.

So how’d I get Michele to agree to this craziness? In her own words…

When Dan first came to me with the idea of living on a boat full-time, I was somewhat stunned. Carter was only 9 months old and a lot of our financial issues (promotions at work, loans getting paid off, etc.) were really starting to look up. We were almost to the point of being able to do whatever we wanted with our money and being set for life! But I could tell from the way he was talking about it that Dan was really serious about this, so I at least needed to give it some serious thought. The more I thought about it, read about it, and talked about it with him, the more I realized that not only was it possible to do this but that it was something I really wanted to go for too. Not only for myself and Dan, but for Carter too. I don’t want my son growing up in front of a screen.

I’m still nervous about the idea, but I figure its kind of like the nervous energy performers get before going on stage…its what keeps you from getting bored.



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